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Athea Gibson, Maria Sharaphona, Zina Garrison, Serena Williams — What do all these name have in common?  They are all famous female tennis player.  There love and Passion for tennis came from their 1st time experience.  Someone took the time to introduce them to the world of tennis.   8 year old Airyn Boyd got this 1st time experience over the summer with our Grand Slam Tennis Program at the Raleigh Girls Club.  Every Wednesday Airyn looked forward to attending tennis.  She would often ask “Ms. Kourtney, We still going to tennis?  Is it time yet?”  The pure excitement in her voice, the look in her eyes let me know she truly enjoyed tennis.  I feel that one of the greatest experience for her was when she got the chance to attend the Winston-Salem Open and the Brenner Children’s Kids Day at Wake Forest University.   She enjoyed learning new drills from Brenner Children’s Kids Day but love the opportunity to attend a Winston-Salem Open Match.