Brittaney Rea

Club Member for 12 Years


Graduate: Wake Forest High School

North Carolina State University

Occupation: Grants and Scholarships Specialist, North Carolina Community Foundation

I joined the Wake Forest Boys & Girls Club at the age of 6 and was active in my Club until I graduated from high school. I was a very shy child, but became very comfortable at the Club because I knew it was a safe haven for me. At the Club, I could just be a kid enjoying activities and making friends without the stress of things going on in my life outside the Club. The Club is truly a place where kids can just be kids. I participated in all kinds of programs from sports to leadership groups. My peers elected me President of my Club’s Torch Club in middle school then Keystone Club as a high schooler. That is a long way from a very shy 6 year old that joined the Club.

The Club taught me many life lessons and provided me with wonderful role models and mentors. Hugh, Nikki, & Jessica were positive role models for me, and the lessons they taught me have prepared me for my life now as an adult. One particular lesson I learned from Hugh was always leave a place better than you found it. This lesson still resonates with me, and I apply it to my life now.

The Club is amazing how even as a college student and now in my life as an adult they still stay connected to me. Checking in and supporting me in my journey. They absolutely want to see every kid that comes to the Club succeed and be the best they can be.

Today along with my work at the NC Community Foundation, I serve on the Board of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network Triangle NC as the Events Chair. I still stay involved with the Boys & Girls Clubs through their Young Advocates Program, and I’m glad to speak on behalf of the Club anytime they ask me. The Club gave me a future and for that I will always be grateful.