Erick L. May, III

Club Member for 11 Years

1992 National Youth of the Year

2003 Inductee, Boys & Girls Clubs Hall of Fame

Erick May 2003_1erick may child1_1

Graduate: William G. Enloe High School

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Florida A&M University

Occupation: Executive Director, Corporate Investment Bank, JP Morgan, New York City

My parents passed away when I was five years old, and I was being raised by my grandparents. During my junior year of high school, both my grandparents passed away within one month of each other from cancer.

The biggest impact the Club had on my life was that it gave me a sense of family. The Club unites youth from all backgrounds and creates a place of fellowship during a significant and impactful portion of a child’s life. It has a positive impact on each and every child that walks through its doors. The friendships I made and the experiences I had there will never be forgotten and will be cherished for the rest of my life. The Club, the staff, and its Members really became my immediate family. They all helped my younger brother and I make it through some really tough times. Without the Club and the friends I made there, I would not have made it out of high school.

Of the 1992 competition to earn Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s highest honor, Erick says, “Throughout the competition, the whole staff and even board members helped me prepare. When I won and was able to meet President Bush in the White House, I felt like our whole Club was receiving that honor.”