It is our vision for all young people — no matter their age, background or skill level — to access innovative, high-quality arts programming. Such programming stimulates learning, inspires creativity and helps members explore 21st Century career opportunities. High-quality arts programming lets our members be artists as they engage in activities that nurture communication, creative expression, critical thinking and problem-solving.

• National Fine Arts Exhibit features the categories watercolor, pastels, oil and acrylic paint, printmaking, collage, mixed media, colored pencil, monochromatic and group project

2017 Fine Arts Contest Winners


Isiah- 9 “The Blocks”       Rihanna- 8 “Pink Face”      Anays- 12 “The Cat”


Tiana-14 “Dreams”            Malochi-15 “Collage”     Tayshawn-15 “Culture”


Zahmya, Paris,                  Melanie-7 “Flamingo”     Mariangel- 14 “Fire and Ice”

Savannah,  Madeline,

Dianna, Madison,Riley,

Alat, Sydney, Payton,

Taya, Rachel, Aimaya

Group Project


• ImageMakers National Photography Contest features the  categories portrait, nature and surroundings, fashion and design, culture and tradition, and editing and filter


“A Sister Love”– Promise       “Nice Green”– Bryan              “I’m a Star”– Malayah


“Basketball Forever”– Lorena    “The Secret Garden” Talise