Dear Board Members –

First of all, thank you for visiting this webpage.  It’s with tremendous excitement that we write to you to let you know that this year, as part of our overall resource development plan, we’re launching our very own #GivingTuesday Campaign and your help and participation will likely determine the success of this campaign in its first year.

As you may or may not know, #GivingTuesday is a movement that began in 2012 (described as a counter-narrative to Black Friday and Cyber Monday) and is rapidly growing in popularity worldwide.  This year, #GivingTuesday falls on December 2nd.  After nearly two solid months of planning and building infrastructure, we have a plan in place that we believe has the potential to significantly impact the Boys & Girls Clubs’ exposure in the community, our base of donors, and, of course, our bottom-line.

A #GivingTuesday campaign is a “numbers-game” play, incorporating many methods of reaching the greatest amount of people possible, in a short, condensed campaign that uses elements including, but not limited to, social media messaging and seed-funding.  We have set a very aggressive goal to reach 250,000 people with this campaign this year, and with your help, WE CAN DO THIS!

So – what do we need you to do?  We need you to A) participate and to B) promote.  Beginning now!

Best Practices (Corporate):
1)  Ask or decide if your company would consider “seeding” this campaign with a “challenge grant” of any amount?  As has been proven time and again, public donors love the feeling of $1 really being worth $2 and they WILL give more!

2)  Convince your company to promote the day internally with employees and customers.  Have fun, run a special, accept donations on this one day and then consider a company match of the funds raised through employees & customers.

3)  For this one day, promote the Boys & Girls Clubs on your company website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, Instagram account, or whatever you have.  For this campaign, we’re directing people to and using the #choosebgc hashtag (for you tweeters out there).

Best Practices (Individually):

1)  Take an “UN-Selfie”.  This isn’t just a fad for young people.  A photograph of yourself with a small sign proclaiming your support of the Boys & Girls Clubs on #GivingTuesday and directing them to is a fun, yet very serious tool and a widely recognized best practice for this style of campaign.

2)  Share your involvement YOUR way.  If you don’t use social media – no problem.  In that case, text, email, or simply mail out a request to your contacts, but ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ask them to forward along the donation link.


Click Here for a printable “UNselfie” picture page.

Sample Text Message / Facebook Post / Twitter Post:

Sample 1 (Thanksgiving themed):  You know what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving?  I’m thankful that children in my community have a safe, caring place to go after school, during their most vulnerable times – a place called The Boys & Girls Clubs.  Soon it will be “Black Friday” and then  “Cyber Monday”, but also, “#GivingTuesday” on December 2nd.  I hope you’ll consider a gift to the Boys & Girls Clubs any time now through next Tuesday.  Visit to donate.  Membership is just $7.50 PER YEAR.  Give a child the gift of a great future this holiday season!

Sample 2:  Friends – Friday is “Black Friday”…Monday is “Cyber Monday”…but did you know that Tuesday, December 2nd is “Giving Tuesday”.  I encourage you to visit and give a child the gift of a great future this year. I serve on the board of directors of the local Boys & Girls Clubs and I know for a fact this organization changes the lives of children in so many positive ways.  We will use your gift to continue the life-changing programming at the local Clubs.  Thank you!

Sample 3:  The average shopper spent $407 on Black Friday Last Year.  The average shopper also spent $468 on Cyber Monday.  Tuesday, December 2nd is #GivingTuesday – a day to invest in others.  Choose to give the gift of a great future to a child this year on #GivingTuesday.  Just $7.50 could provide ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP at a local Boys & Girls Club for a child.  Visit to donate.