Computer Lab Quiz

Welcome to the Boys & Girls Club Computer Lab Quiz!

You will be quizzed on the rules for using the computer lab. You are not allowed to talk during the quiz, and you must get 100% before you can use the computer lab.

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You are working on homework in the computer lab, but another Club member is being loud while playing a game. You should ask staff to talk to them, without talking to the Club member first. 

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You see someone walk into the computer lab carrying food or a drink. You should remind them that there is a rule about no food or drinks in the computer lab. 

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Your computer is not working like it is supposed to. The mouse isn’t moving on the screen. You should unplug the mouse and plug it into a different port. 

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Someone is having a difficult time with something on their computer. You should ask them if you can touch their keyboard and mouse to do it for them. 

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You are told by a staff member that it’s time to go to snack. You should quickly run to the snack area without logging out. 

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You see two Club members tossing a ball to each other in the computer lab. You remind them that it is against the rules, but they ignore you. You should tell a staff member next.  

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What happens when you share a password with a friend who isn’t allowed to use the computers? 

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What could happen if someone is leaning back in their chair? 

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What are you allowed to do with the monitors in the lab? 

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What should you do before touching any keyboards/mice in the computer lab? 

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What should you do when you are done using the computer? 

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When should you touch someone else’s computer, keyboard, mouse, or chair?

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What should you do if you see someone disobeying the rules? 

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Who is responsible for making sure the rules are being followed in the computer lab?

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What is the first rule of the computer lab?

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The average score is 50%