2018 Great Futures Campaign…The Campaign for Wake County’s Kids

Help us meet the need of Wake County Youth and support the Great Futures Campaign

Our Challenge — Over 150,000 children are enrolled in the Wake County Public School System — nearly 51,000 are eligible for free or reduce price lunch program.  With a student populations that has tripled since 1980, the demand for access to safe and nurturing environments has increased exponentially.

Research show that most young people are likely to engage in risky, unhealthy behaviors between 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.  We can make a difference and support our youth!

Meeting the Challenge — For every $1 raised, 86 cents director goes toward Club programs for over 5,000 children and teenagers in Wake County.  Or seven Clubs provide a safe and positive place for at-risk youth during out-of-school time.  Healthy and nutritious meals are served daily to five of our Clubs and transportation from school  is is provided for over 500 Members.

Donor Trust — Boys & Girls Clubs has received Four Stars from Charity Navigator for five consecutive years!


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