TennisClinicGroupShotSince 2012, the Raleigh Girls Club has been part of a pilot program, through the North Carolina Center for Afterschool Programs (NC CAP) and the US Tennis Association, which exposes youth to tennis. A clinic, held on June 18th for members of the Raleigh Girls Club, was led by Ebony Racquet Club with financial assistance from the Raleigh Tennis Association. The one-day event exposed 54 girls to tennis and was led by experienced tennis players and teachers. In July, several Raleigh Girls Club members will also have two-hour tennis lessons once a week for five weeks as part of the program. The July event will also be led by Ebony Racquet Club and sponsored by the Raleigh Tennis Association.

Check out some more great photos from the event by visiting the Raleigh Tennis Association’s Facebook Page.