(L to R) Joseph Woods, Lily Frye, and AJ Lanier enjoying some Colorado scenery

“My name is Alexander Jesse Lanier, but you can call me AJ. The Triple Play Leadership Club is just a wicked awesome program that makes kids and teens like me, better leaders for others. Last year the Triple Play Leadership conference was held at Colorado Springs’ Olympic Training Center (It’s not every week that you get to spend the weekend on an Olympic Training Center with actual Olympians)! There we got to meet new people from other Boys & Girls Clubs who (just like me) we there to improve their leadership skills. We learned various things such as different ways to get others attention, how to deal with different situations, any many other useful techniques on how to be a positive leader. Another totally cool experience was being able to see, take pictures, and learn from the one and only Kid Chef Eliana. Eliana is an amazing young chef who showed that eating healthy is extremely important yet can be really fun. I have taking that challenge and have chosen much healthier foods and snacks over what I was eating before going and learning about it at the Triple Play Leadership Conference. I also got the chance to play different sports that are included in today’s Olympic Games. I am going back to the Triple Play Program again this summer and I can’t wait! I look forward to learning new ways how to improve myself and how to become an even better role model and leader to the kids at the Wake Forest Boys & Girls Club. The Triple Play Leadership Club has changed my life forever in the most positive ways, all I want to do now is give others the chance to change their lives for the better.”