Boys & Girls Clubs Hosts 8th Annual LeVelle Moton and P.J. Tucker Back to School Community Day

Volunteers are still needed!!  Orientation is Aug. 18 at 6 pm at the Raleigh Boys Club —  605 N. Raleigh Blvd.  To volunteer, call CC Chambers at 919/834-6282

LeVelle Moton, head coach of the N.C. Central University men’s basketball team, and P.J. Tucker, a Phoenix Suns forward, will host the 8th Annual LeVelle Moton and P.J. Tucker Community Day event at the Boys & Girls Clubs on Aug. 19, at the Raleigh Boys Club.  Moton and Tucker, who both grew up in Raleigh and were actively involved and mentored through the Boys & Girls Clubs, will be joined by members of the N.C. Central University basketball team and other community representatives to support and motivate local children.

“LeVelle and P.J. both have an incredible reputation for giving back to their community,” said Ralph Capps, President and CEO at the Boys & Girls Clubs. “They know firsthand the impact the Boys & Girls Clubs can have on keeping youth on the path to achieve their dreams. We’re looking forward to a really powerful and fun day for the kids.”

Children from Boys & Girls Clubs will enjoy a variety of games and other activities, as well as food. Moton and Tucker will provide all youth attendees with a brand new backpacks to fill with complimentary school supplies and other prizes.

“Boys & Girls Clubs was a refuge for me growing up and a place I knew I wanted to give back to as soon as I could,” said Moton. “I know the challenges these kids face on a daily basis and the Boys & Girls Clubs inspires them to stay out of trouble, work hard and become successful adults. This community day provides a great opportunity for me to share the knowledge I’ve learned over the years and give back to an organization that really helped shape me.”