Education programs complement and reinforce what youth learn during the school day, while creating experiences that invite them to fall in love with learning. Rooted in social-emotional development practices, programs in this area enable all youth to be effective, engaged learners who are on track to graduate with a plan for the future. As an informal learning space, Clubs offer both intervention and enrichment, all while inviting youth to discover and pursue their passions through experiential learning.

Power Hour

A foundational Academic Success program that provides homework help, academic skill building, and collaborative learning activities to every child every day.

Academic Intervention

This program provides intensive academic assistance to our lowest performing elementary and middle school members at three locations:  Raleigh Boys Club, Raleigh Girls Club, and Washington Elementary Boys & Girls Club. The program also provides push-in services at members’ schools. Academic Intervention members are those at the greatest risk for grade failure based on report cards and recommendations from teachers, staff, and parents. The goal is to get our lowest performing students on track for grade advancement and eventual high school graduation.  The program manager typically identifies 15-20 at risk children at each of the three Clubs who require intensive academic counseling. She visits their classrooms and assists them with classroom assignments.  After school, members are provided daily tutoring lessons, monthly case management, and homework support. The Academic Intervention Program utilizes monthly case management sessions to help participants set goals and address barriers to learning. Evidence-based assessments are also used to ensure members are progressing.

Summer Brain Gain

Offers more than six weeks of developmentally appropriate project-based learning designed to prevent summer learning loss. The program materials include classic project-based learning as well as modules with a STEM or literacy focus.

Career Launch

A job-readiness and career preparation program for teens.


A hands-on, activity-based STEM program that connects youth ages 9-12 to science themes they encounter regularly. Special attention is paid to connections between theory and application, and the common interactions members have with these scientific principles. DIY STEM includes five modules: Energy and Electricity, Intro to Aeronautics, Engineering Design, Food Chemistry, and the Science of Sports.

Technology: Digital Literacy Essentials

Provide members of all ability levels with a foundation to explore cyber safety, digital privacy, digital presence, and online communication.

Technology: Computer Science

Hour of Code, CS Unplugged, and Scratch

Technology: Robotics Programs

These programs are often with local professionals or university students.


Other programs developed locally, often with volunteers or students.

Money Matters: Make It Count

Promotes behavior-changing financial education to help teens get on the path toward budgeting, saving and investing, planning for postsecondary education, and financial freedom. The program equips teens to make wise financial decisions throughout their lives and invest in themselves and their futures.

The Arts

Arts programs encourage imagination and self-expression. They also help youth develop knowledge and understanding of specific art forms. Art programs build skills such as communication, critical thinking, and creativity.

National Fine Arts and Photography Program

Provides year-round guidance and encouragement to children and teens to be involved in all forms of visual arts.  The program culminates each year with the Image Makers National Photography Competition and the National Fine Arts Competition, inspiring young artists to learn and grow, and offering exposure to competition and learning at the national level.

Media Making

Project-based activities introduce members to photography, audio production, video and web production, and design.