Health and Wellness

At the Boys & Girls Club, we are dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles by recognizing the intrinsic connection between physical well-being and mental health. Our commitment is reflected through various initiatives, including organized sports leagues that encourage active participation and instill the importance of teamwork and discipline. Recognizing the significance of nutrition, we provide hot, nutritious meals to ensure our members have the fuel needed for optimal growth and development. Moreover, we emphasize the positive use of leisure time, offering engaging activities that not only contribute to physical fitness but also foster social connections and emotional well-being. By integrating these elements, we strive to create an environment that nurtures healthy minds within healthy bodies, empowering our members to lead fulfilling and balanced lives.

Child and Adult Care Food Program 

In 2020, our Clubs provided youth with 52,999 meals and snacks, in some cases the only healthy meal a child might receive that day. 

Passport to Manhood

Designed for boys ages 8-18. Each Passport to Manhood session focuses on a specific aspect of manhood through highly interactive activities. Passport to Manhood is a targeted effort to engage young men to reinforce positive behavior. 


Program includes foundational program materials and additional resources for girls ages 8-18. SMART Girls guides girls in developing and adopting a healthy attitude and lifestyle, as well as acquiring and maintaining a positive self-concept, positive peer relationships, and sound decision-making skills. Girls earn badges as they complete and master each session.

SMART Moves 

A health promotion program suite made up of three programs: SMART Kids for children ages 6-9, Start SMART for youth ages 10-12 and Stay SMART for teens ages 13-15.  SMART Moves builds knowledge, attitudes and skills that increase healthy decision-making. Components of the program discuss risk behaviors common among teens, including tobacco, alcohol and other substances, as well as sexual health.

Street SMART

Substance abuse prevention and intervention, gang and delinquency prevention and intervention.  The Opioid and Substance Use Prevention guide was developed in collaboration with the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. The guide includes prevention strategies, tools, and resources tailored to Boys & Girls Clubs. It is organized in sections for working with staff, youth, families and communities.

Sports and Recreation

Programs in this Core Program Area build movement and food skills. Members develop positive attitudes toward physical activity and healthy eating to support a lifetime of healthy decisions.

Soccer for Success

An after-school program proven to help kids develop healthy habits and critical life skills. Trained coach-mentors play soccer with and engage youth for 60-90 minutes each session, while creatively teaching nutrition education and critical life skills.

Capital City Crew

A weekly program in partnership with hockey coaches in Wake County that gives youth the opportunity to learn to ice skate and play hockey. 

Triple Play

  • Daily Challenges is a progressive program that focuses on building movement skills and positive attitudes about physical activity. It consists of 32 diverse games, cooperative activities, and sports to develop a young person’s ability, confidence, and motivation to be physically active.
  • Healthy Habits focuses on helping youth make healthy eating choices. The program consists of practical activities that develop a young person’s skill, confidence, and motivation to make healthy nutritional choices throughout life.
  • Social Recreation is a social-emotional learning program that builds the skills a young person needs to make healthy choices. The program consists of six themed units that develop a young person’s relationship with themselves and others, emotional regulation skills, and responsible decision-making skills.

Sports Leagues including basketball, flag football, softball, baseball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, kickball, and competitions such as home run derbies and fitness challenges.