McKenzie’s Story

Reading with StaffWhen McKenzie first started participating in Power Hour at the Clubs, she was incredibly timid and afraid to ask for homework help. The math lessons were just too difficult for her to grasp so she’d end up constantly frustrated without having time to focus on anything else. Her reading skills began to decline, projects were not completed on time, and McKenzie couldn’t study for upcoming tests effectively. Her grades began to suffer as a result and one afternoon, she completely broke down. Fortunately, a Club staff member was there and acted quickly.

Back to SchoolUsing the tools she learned through her professional training, she sat down with her for the rest of the day to make a plan. Day after day, McKenzie slowly began to open up so that she was comfortable tackling the issues giving her the most problems. Although there were still times when she was worried about making good grades, you could see that she was starting to believe in herself.

By the end of the academic year, she grew into a new person who no longer let the workload overwhelm her. McKenzie would run to the Clubs- beaming and ready to chip away at her fears! With the help she received, McKenzie learned to create positive study routines that helped set her up for a great year ahead.