Donald Hartsfield Awarded $30,000 Academic Scholarship

The Trentini Scholarship is awarded to the high school senior who exemplifies excellence and promotes young people who are honest, fair, hardworking, and courteous.

This year, Donald Hartsfield becomes the 1st African American and the 1st Boys & Girls Club Member to receive a $30,000 academic scholarship in recognition for his outstanding character and leadership. When asked how the Clubs impacted this process, he stated:

“This opportunity could not be possible without the Boys & Girls Club staff that motivated me to see my true potential. This is why I thank Mrs. Jessica, Mr. Jason Jones, and Ms. Ashley for giving me the extra push I needed to be great.”  

Since 1981, The Trentini Scholarship has become the most prestigious and sought after scholarship regularly given in the Wake Forest community. Congratulations to our #AmazingMember

What can $7.50 do?

For kids like Gabby, just $7.50 a year provides daily transportation from school to the Club; a full range of fun after-school and summer programs, academic and character building support, and a focus on healthy lifestyles that includes nutrition education, daily meals, and access to healthy foods.

You can invest in a healthy lifestyles for our Wake County Kids. Visit

But for Gabby’s mom, that $7.50 means much more – it means peace of mind, knowing that her child is in a safe, nurturing environment during out-of-school time when she is at work. It means support and guidance for her daughter from caring adult role models; and it means access to a variety of essential services for her child – like a daily nutritious meal, offered at no additional cost.

You see, eight-year-old Gabby attends the Club nearly every day we’re open. She comes from a single-parent home in Southeast Raleigh where money is tight. Mom works long hours as a bus driver, but struggles to make ends meet. Recently, Mom told staff how thankful she was that BGC is able to provide a daily meal for her daughter – because many times, she doesn’t know where their next meal will come from. Thanks to the Club, now Gabby knows she can count on a nutritious dinner meal every day (and healthy lunch/snack during the summer, too) so she won’t go to bed hungry.

Unfortunately, stories like Gabby’s aren’t unique. Many kids in our Clubs face daily hunger and food insecurity. With your help, kids across Wake County have access to a wide range of programs and critical services they need to grow, thrive, and become successful adults.

With a strong foundation of community support, Boys & Girls Clubs was able to provide over 95,000 healthy meals in 2018 to our Raleigh Club Members. You can give peace of mind to another family in Wake County community. Visit

McKenzie’s Story

Reading with StaffWhen McKenzie first started participating in Power Hour at the Clubs, she was incredibly timid and afraid to ask for homework help. The math lessons were just too difficult for her to grasp, so she’d end up constantly frustrated without having time to focus on anything else. Her reading skills began to decline, projects were not completed on time, and McKenzie couldn’t study for upcoming tests effectively. Her grades began to suffer as a result and one afternoon, she completely broke down. Fortunately, a Club staff member was there and acted quickly.

Back to SchoolUsing the tools she learned through her professional training, she sat down with her for the rest of the day to make a plan. Day after day, McKenzie slowly began to open up so that she was comfortable tackling the issues giving her the most problems. Although there were still times when she was worried about making good grades, you could see that she was starting to believe in herself.

By the end of the academic year, she grew into a new person who no longer let the workload overwhelm her. McKenzie would run to the Clubs beaming and ready to chip away at her fears! With the help she received, McKenzie learned to create positive study routines that helped set her up for a great year ahead.