The most compelling arguments to support the Boys & Girls Clubs comes from those we affect most! Share quotes from our members, teachers and alumni to those with whom you are in contact.




“My son needs a male role model and the club staff are perfect for him to look up to” – Rashondah Jackson, Parent







Boys & Girls Clubs alumnus, Michael Creech talks about his experiences at the Club.

Five anonymous quotes from WCPSS teachers who have students in the Boys & Girls Clubs “Project Power Play” program:

1) “The program has helped increased the frequency of Rocky’s homework completion.  He has improved in following directions and completing all parts of the assignment.”

2) “At the beginning of the year Amy was not completing homework- toward the end of the year her homework was being completed and the answers were correct.”

3) “It

[Project Power Play] helps build self-esteem as well as knowledge- it also lets the kids know there is someone who cares about them.”

4) “For my students – they are students who need a large amount of support and can’t always have the support at home.  I believe that the program provides consistency between home and school in supporting the students to be successful.”

5) “It is a safe environment for students to go to after school and it provides them with supervised social and academic assistance.”