BlaineLarge“Blaine Wiles embodies everything we’re looking for in a fundraising volunteer. He’s a brilliant young man who clearly has a passion for kids, a passion to win, and a passion to stamp his name on a quality piece of work at the end of each day,” says Boys & Girls Clubs Annual Campaign Director, Tadd Hall.
Wiles became involved with the Boys & Girls Clubs as a fundraising team captain in February of 2014 after attending an interest meeting at Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar, hosted by the Boys & Girls Clubs resource development team. Boys & Girls Clubs Hall of Fame member, Thad Woodard, encouraged Blaine to attend to learn more about the Boys & Girls Clubs. “I think Blaine must have left the meeting and gone home and registered as a volunteer on our website that night,” said Hall. “He’s been a shining example of volunteerism ever since.”
Wiles has utilized both his creativity and the resources made available to him through the Boys & Girls Clubs to maximize what he’s been able to do from both a fundraising and mission-delivery standpoint. Blaine has been able to reach potential donors using the Boys & Girls Clubs website, where he has composed a personal message on his individual webpage, telling of his involvement and the mission of the Boys & Girls Clubs. He then forwards the link to his page to family and friends and posts messages on social media to help promote the mission of the clubs as well as his other fundraising events.
In addition to using technology, Wiles has resorted to good-old-fashioned fun. Since becoming involved in February, Wiles has organized a 3-on-3 basketball tournament as well as a beach-volleyball tournament to benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs. The two events combined have raised around $1,000 and brought close to 100 new donors throughout Wake County into contact with the Boys & Girls Clubs brand and mission.
Wiles has made it his mission to raise $2,500 by May 31 this year. If you would like to read more about Blaine or help Blaine meet his goal, you can visit his personal fundraising website by clicking here.